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 12th Squad Captain

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Plus Soul
Plus Soul

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PostSubject: 12th Squad Captain   Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:51 am

Name: Charles Thornton

Profession: Price Chopper

Interests: Friends, Video Games, Work

Aura: Quiet and Friendly

Zanpakuto: Tsukuyomi

Position: 12th Squad Captain

Name and Abilities
Name: Tsukuyomi (Lunar deity, 月読)
Awakening phase: Anatanokokudo touhou kakarimasu (take us to your relam)
Abilities: Motteanatanokyoufushin tsukiro (With your fear, be comsumed)
it causes your worst fear to be realised, by saying this pharse during either form the worst fear is realised but during bankai the fear becomes a physical being
shikai its just an illusion, but the illusion affects all 6 sences (like aizens) only i can create more than one illusion at a time
This sword also holds the Getsuga Tenshou (moon fang heaven stab) but unlike ichigos mine is a dark blue with a bright red outline, although its slightly stronger it comes at a price this damages my zanpakutous inner spirit and forces it into sealed form after using the Getsuga Tenshou twice. Note: both forms can affect the tides and if im near a large body of water i have limited control of the water, but in bankai, like the name suggest, it can cause tsunami's. Additional Info: This is the sister sword to zangetsu

The forms of my Zanpakutou

Due to this forms size it is carried on my back

Shikai: Tsukuyomi (Lunar deity, 月読)

this form causes the hallucinations and ability to cut though almost any armor. the hand gaurd is also razor sharp on the outside so i can use as a weapon as well by inserting a finger into the hole near the blades top and pushing forward. Plus the first cut causes you to you hallucante, badly. this form has limited control of water in the immediate area. this blade is rumored to affect even the tides of the earth. This blade has Taiintsunami and its equal to 6 fire hose going off at the same time and focusing at the same point, however, this only has a range of about 20 feet.

Bankai: Tsunami Tsukuyomi (Harbor Wave Lunar deity, 津波月読)

this form also makes your worst fear come true and then you must fight it and me or i can summon the manifested form to aid me in combat depending of the situation. This form will also cause hallucinations, but this time its one hallucination for every cut and they affect all 7 sences (including the ability to sence spirit pressure). if im near a large body of water i have limited control over it. the reason one is light colored and the other is black is to represent the light and dark sides of the moon.

Black sword: The ring at the bottom of the black sword can expand to seal my oppents movements and allow for and easy target.

White Sword: This sword glows with a white haze it has the ability to both control water and use it like a weapon it can fire water bolts from the sword with a force equal to 12 fire hose going of at the same time and focusing at the same point (this has the same weakness as in shikai), this attack is also called Taiintsunami (Lunar Tidal wave) or if i fire the same attack at the ground it will create a small shield, harder than steel, to protect me while i heal or rest, this has a fatal weak point somewhere on it...

Manifested form and Inner world
Manifested form:

Inner world:

In this world its always night with a full moon and the tide can be heard gently rolling in and out on the beach of the small island that makes up the inner world, at the center of the island is a cave with a shrine to the tsukuyomi where the manifested form lives
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PostSubject: Re: 12th Squad Captain   Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:16 pm

Approved. Welcome.
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Xaladin Saotome

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PostSubject: Re: 12th Squad Captain   Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:01 pm

Hello, fellow taichou hi
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PostSubject: Re: 12th Squad Captain   

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12th Squad Captain
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