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 All the Rules for Hueco Mundo!

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PostSubject: All the Rules for Hueco Mundo!   Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:07 am

Joining Hueco Mundo
-If you want to join you must be a normal member OR if your deciding to leave a Shinigami rank. YOU MAY NOT BE PART OF HUECO MUNDO AND THE GOTEI 13.
-If you leave Hueco Mundo, you may only come back once.

Allegiance to Hueco Mundo
-If you join Hueco Mundo you MUST stay active.
-You may NOT under any circumstance post in the Gotei 13.
-If your inactive for more then 2 weeks another member may take your position if they are more active.

Positions of Hueco Mundo

-Vasto Lorde: There are only four. They are the top of Hueco Mundo. They are your moderators pretty much. If your a rank under them, their in charge of you. To become a Vasto Lorde, only I can chose you. It doesn't matter what post count you have. Vasto Lorde only Moderate in Hueco Mundo.
-Espada: There are 6 of these. Nnorita-Yammi. Members with 200+ posts may join this rank.
-Privaron Espada: Members with 135+ posts may join this rank.
-Gillian: Members with 75+ posts may join this rank.
-Menos: Members with any number of posts may join this rank.
I did not chose any lower ranks but if there are more member, I might crate more ranks. If more ranks are created the posts for other ranks will increase.
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All the Rules for Hueco Mundo!
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