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PostSubject: Ranks/Rules   Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:21 am

Below is a list of each soul in the Society and their current rank:
Also included is the post count required for each soul to be rewarded that rank.

King of Soul Society (none required) - iklips-jukeisha
Noble Soul (none required) - ynnek89
There is a limit of 4 noble souls as there are four noble families in Bleach.
Central 46 Member (150 posts) - currently vacant...
Seireitei Citizen (120 posts) - currently vacant...
Rukongai Citizen (100 posts) - currently vacant...
Plus Soul (70 posts) - currently vacant...
Hollow Bait (30 posts) - currently vacant...
Blank (10 posts) -currently vacant...

Blank Souls are similar to unseated shinigami in status.
The Blank Soul rank also has no limit to the number of souls that occupy it, while the above ranks do.

If you join the Soul Society, you cannot be a part of the Gotei 13 or Hueco Mundo.
You can, however, post in their general areas in the leaders of the respective area deems it okay for you to do so.
Otherwise, refrain from entering the Gotei 13 and Hueco Mundo.
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