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PostSubject: iklips-jukeisha   Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:34 am

Name: Tiānkōng Shí
Age at Death: 17
Description of Death: As a child, Tiānkōng Shí enjoyed the peacefulness of the outdoors so he spent most of his days wandering the small neighborhood he grew up in. This love always stayed with him and sometimes he strayed a little too far from the safety of his home, venturing to a small candy shop. While he was browsing through the vast array of candy, an older man entered the shop and confronted the owner, threatening to kill him unless the robber received all the money from the shop. The owner, not wanting to die, obliged, but was shot and killed any way. Tiānkōng made a small sound at the man's death and the robber turned towards him, shooting three times to make sure the kid was dead and that there were no witnesses. Tiānkōng was hit by every bullet, but they missed critical organs. He stayed alive long enough to bleed to death which took less than an hour. When he opened he eyes again, Tiānkōng was reborn in the 56th district of Rukongai.
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