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 12th Squad missions area

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PostSubject: 12th Squad missions area   Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:55 am

If you intrested on have a little fun then post here and select your mission, then either myself or my VC will assign you a mission either my VC or myself will aid in all A - rank missions.

D - rank - Keeping an eye on the computers for anything abnormal

C - rank - patroling the SS grounds and basic hollow fights

B - rank - Human world patroling, Konso, Fighting hollows and possably gillian

A - rank - Long term human world missions and stoping evil people (like the bounto)

S - rank - HM missions, Gillian hollows and higher, Arrancar and more

Anyone can accpect a D or C rank mission but for B rank you must be a seated shinigami in seats 20 - 10, for A ranked you must be seated in 9 - 4, and for S rank you must be seated in 4 - 1, however if your not seated high enougth or not at all with approval of 3 captains, including myself, you may accpect higher ranked missions.
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12th Squad missions area
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