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 12th Squad Acdamy (post your applications here)

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Plus Soul
Plus Soul

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PostSubject: 12th Squad Acdamy (post your applications here)   Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:00 am

If you wish to join us then follow these simple rules:

1. Must have 10 post

2. Must have a zanpaktou

3. Must love Kisuke and mayuri

4. Must have a love of science

5. (opitional) Tell us a little about your self (how you died, how old you were, were you worked the basics)

For LT. must have have 20 post and a zanpaktou with shikai, althougth i wont requrie it i would like my LT to have bankai to set an example for the other squad members

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12th Squad Acdamy (post your applications here)
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