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 The zClan Shop (all squads are welcome here!)

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PostSubject: The zClan Shop (all squads are welcome here!)   Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:12 am

Squad members get %50 off
Have any inventions you want to sell? Post them here! Note: if you have an invention and you post you will get one free item! (tell us the price you'd like to sell them for or we will decide for you)

Founder: Zanclan

CEO's (Co-owners + full access): iklips, Kracht-Shukun

Supervisor(can edit everything + %75 off):

Manager(keeps eye on things while I'm gone + %50 off):

Cashiers(can sell items just let me know + %25 off):

Spirit Pak

Since caring all that stuff you just bought can be a pain our engineers have made a pak that will always weight 1 LBS no matter what you have in it (using classified tech it holds and unlimited number of items)

Free with all 50 yen purchases or more

Spirit PDA

A highly advanced version of the spirit phone, in addition to being a phone/energy level watch now you can plan you day or play some online games or get updates on hollow activity, and a radar to get updates of hollows in the area or other shinigami, also uploaded with all human world building blue prints
(any questions just ask me!)

650 yen

Customized Gigai

You can go with the standard issue gigai or you can customize any way you want for just

55 yen

Soma Fixer
This is used to align one\\\'s soul with the gigai (faux body). However, excessive use of this item will result in the very painful exit of the gigai for the soul.

25 Yen

Spare fuel rods
It is used for spirit communicators

D - Rank- good for 1 day 5 yen

C - Rank- good for 2 days 10 yen

B - Rank- good for 3 days 20 yen

A - Rank- good for a month 50 yen

S - Rank- good for life 150 yen


Gikongan are used to forcibly remove souls from bodies, and inserts a temporary soul as a replacement.
(no refunds if you get a mod soul)

35 yen

Memory Chikan
This is used to erase the memory of the victim... I mean bystanders

50 yen

Cosmic Candy
This candy has a mysterious name, but it is actually normal cola-flavoured candy on the inside.

5 yen = 100 pieces

Experimental armor:

This prototype armor increases user's spiritual pressure up to X5 or more in some cases, plus makes you more resistant to injury, but it feeds off the users pressure so if you pressure is low it could be dangerous to use for prolonged time

1000 yen

Filler eraser

Designed to erase the bounto filler from our minds, it looks like a advil and enters the body the same way

15 yen

Kidou glove

Looks like Rukia's soul glove but instead greatly increases the power of you kidou

50 yen

Writing stick

A piece of wood with a lead core that can be used for writing and/or drawing

1 yen

Portable SenKaimon

Looks like a mirror but is the size of a silver $ and is thrown on ground creating a mini senkaimon but like Kisuke's you only have a short amount of time to get through it before it closes and seals you in it forever, used in emergencies (no refunds)

165 yen

Reiatsu Scrambler

A body implant which can be activated and deactivated as will. It creates random replicas of yours and anybody else's around you reiatsu and creates "clone" images/imprints of the reiatsu's sporradically within a square mile of the battlefield. It confuses the the enemies sense of reiatsu, effectively rendering the Hollow "Pesquise" and shinigami equivalent ability useless.

150 yen

Zanpakutou sharpener

Dull sword? Get it razor sharp in seconds!

10 yen

Zanpakutou Shop

Need a Zanpakutou? post here and tell what your ideas are and our team of severly under paid interns will see what they can do. As far as japanise goes Kracht-Shukun knows a little if i remember right and you can use http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en


By iklips:

Hollow Mask Sheath/Shield
A sheath that can be fit to any blade or zanpaktou that allows protection from hollow attacks such as the cero. If the user wishes to have a hand-held tower shield in stead of a sheath, then that can be done as well put carrying it around would a bit more difficult.

100 yen

Enemy Organ-Switcher Pill:
Anytime the pill is taken by a person who is thinking about his/her enemy, one of the enemy's organs get switched out for the contents of the user's hands and/or pockets.
(results may vary)

75 yen

Poison-dipped zanpaktou:
Your zanpaktou, in its unreleased form, can be dipped in a special poison bath so all your cuts will be much deadlier.

50 yen

Acid-dipped zanpaktou:
Your zanpaktou will be wrapped in very thin cloth and soaked in an acid solution. Because of the cloth, your zanpaktou will not be effected, but your sword will be more potent when taking down enemies as it will burn flesh and metal in acute amounts.

50 yen

Incendiary Wire and Handling Gloves:
Wire that can be barely seen when placed correctly can turn any bad situation to your favor. This wire, when activated will instantly burst into flames and will burn anything touching it, unless it is handled with the special Handling Gloves.

95 yen

By Chaos

Hollow Grenade

Small round object a size of a baseball, its black but has a blue shine in the middle. You can throw it and it will destroy up to 10 hollows in a mile radius.

100 yen

By Halcyon87

White Bone Glove
This glove, crafted from the masks of Hollows, allows the user to be able to use Cero, Gran Rey Cero, etc., and any other reiatsu attacks that Hollows use.
Note - blood sacrifice is not needed for Gran Rey Cero

350 yen


Particle Beam Cannon
A futuristic shoulder fired weapon. Then weapon gathers spirit particles into a cell where it is converted into energy. Once the cell is fully charged, firing can begin. It shoots a high intensity beam out of a 3 inch electromagnetically protected tube. Once out of the tube the beam quickly expands to 5 feet across. A switch on the side of the cannon allows for either a 2 second burst or a continuous beam. The weapon needs a 5 minute cool down period if using all of the energy in one pull of the trigger.

400 yen

By C.C.

Potential Power Pills - DANGEROUS

The buyer gets a small package with has 6 pills inside it. There's 3 green pills, 2 red pills, and 1 black pill. Every time the user eats a green pill, he gets a temporary power boost which gives him 15% extra of his maximum reiatsu, without after effects. However that only applies to the first pill. The next two green pills will cause stomach-ache and pain in other various places on the body, while only boosting the user with 10% extra reiatsu. The yellow pills will boost the user with 25% extra reiatsu(each), but it will at the same time cause tremendous pain after a while, as this will strain the muscles as well as the mind. The black pill will boost the user with 50% extra reiatsu, and amplify their speed and strength. It will also make the user unaffected by pain, as the user won't be able to feel anything. However, after the effect is over(About 5 minutes), the user, if anything less than a lieutenant will die. A regular lieutenant's heart will suddenly stop, a captain will faint from all this strain to the body, and the high-class captains and the CC won't be able to do anything, but they should be able to remain concious.

NOTE: The effects of the pills will stack if more is taken at the same time, but so will the pain, and thus that is not recommended. Unless told other wise only LTs and capts may purchase this item

2500 yen

Thanks for coming!

(Remember to keep an eye for new items!)
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The zClan Shop (all squads are welcome here!)
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