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 RPG Zanpaktou Creation Template

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PostSubject: RPG Zanpaktou Creation Template   Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:46 am

All users must use this forum. There must be little or no digression from this template or the zanpaktou will not be approved.

Unreleased Form: Describe the normal sword, before the shikai or bankai release

Name: The short name of your Zanpaktou's Spirit
Appearance: Describe what you zanpaktou looks like after it is released
Command: The statement you make to release your zanpaktou

Abilities: How does your performance enhance when in shikai

Attacks: What special attacks can your shikai release do?

Name: The full name of your zanpaktou's spirit
Appearance: Describe the form your zanpaktou takes in the bankai release

Abilities: How your performance changes when in bankai (only if it is different then when in shikai)

Attacks: What special attacks can your bankai release do?
Final Attack: The strongest attack your bankai can do. After using this attack, Your zanpaktou will return to its sealed form.

Brief History of your zanpaktou Spirit (optional)
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RPG Zanpaktou Creation Template
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