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 List of all Bakudõ

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PostSubject: List of all Bakudõ   Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:49 am

Name: Sai
Number: 1
Effect: Locks the target's arms behind their backs.

Name: Hainawa
Number: 4
Effect: A yellow rope is shot at the enemy, locking their arms.

Name: Geki
Number: 9
Effect: A red light engulfs the enemy, paralyzing them effectively.

Name: Enkosen
Number: 39
Effect: Creates a reiatsu-based shield shield in front of the user.

Name: Kakushitsuijaku
Number: 58
Effect: Tracks an escaped enemy by collecting special coordination numbers from a circle drawn on the ground.

Name: Rikujōkōrō
Number: 61
Effect: Locks the enemy in place with 6 thick yellow beams.

Name: Hyaapo Rankan
Number: 62
Effect: Fires a single rod-like energy staff which splits itself into approximately 20-30 rods, used to hit and immobilize the enemy.

Name: Sajō Sabaku
Number: 63
Effect: Wraps the enemy in chains from their necks and down.

Name: Gochūtekkan
Number: 75
Effect: Creates five giant pillars in the air, which lands on the enemy and locks them in place everywhere.

Name: Tenteikūra
Number: 77
Effect: Sends messages to everyone in a specific area. Some drawings must be made on the user's arms for this to work.

Name: Dankū
Number: 81
Effect: Creates a barrier made out of reiatsu which, according to Byakuya is capable of stopping Hadõ spells up to #89.

Name: Kin
Number: 99, Part 1
Effect: Locks the target's arms behind their backs in two heavy iron shafts.

Name: Bankin
Number: 99, Part 2

This spell is divided into three songs:

* Shokyoku: Engulfs the target with strong bandage-like cloth.

* Nikyoku: Fires numerous metal arrows at the enemy.
* Bankin Taihō: Creates a huge metal block in the air which lands on the enemy.

As compiled by: Kracht-Shukun
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List of all Bakudõ
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