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 5th Division Registration Zone

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PostSubject: 5th Division Registration Zone   Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:37 am

If you want to join the 5th Division, you must follow the following rules:

- Vice-Captain: Assigned by Captain.

- Seated Officers: (3rd to 20th).
- Must have at least 15 posts.
- Must have a Shikai.
- Must be expert in Zanjutsu.
- Must be able to fend himself using Kido.
- Must Love Aizen-sama.(Whethere he's evil or good).

- Shinigami Members:
- Must have at least 5 posts.
- Must have a Zanpakuto.
- Must know Zanjutsu.(Kido is optional).
- Must love Aizen-sama.(Whethere he's good or evil).

Any one who wants to join, after completing the rules, can submit a request here, and me or my vice-captain will welcome you offically.

Note: When requesting to be a seated officer, in the same post of the request, post you shikai.

Another Note: Your acceptance will be told via PM or you can check the 5th Division Ranks and see if your name is written, if so you are accpted.
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5th Division Registration Zone
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