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 5th Division Ranks

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PostSubject: 5th Division Ranks   Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:58 am

Here are the ranks of the 5th Division, nobody is to post here. Any problem regarding ranks can be sent to me via PM.

Captain: Aizen


Seated Officers:
- 3rd Seat:
- 4th Seat:
- 5th Seat:
- 6th Seat:
- 7th Seat:
- 8th Seat:
- 9th Seat:
- 10th Seat:
- 11th Seat:
- 12th Seat:
- 13th Seat:
- 14th Seat:
- 15th Seat:
- 16th Seat:
- 17th Seat:
- 18th Seat:
- 19th Seat:
- 20th Seat:

Shinigami Members:

Note: Please upon acceptance, visit 5th Division Members to make a character for yourself. (It is a must)

Another Note: Also upon your joining to the 5th Division, visit the 5th Division Banner and inlcude one in your signature.
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5th Division Ranks
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